Enjoy More Productive Workdays With These Strategies

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written by Cápita Works

Dec 17, 2021

Today's work environment focuses a lot on productivity and maximizing outcome, in the process often neglecting quality and the physical and mental wellbeing of the employees. Working from home introduces new challenges to your work routine and environment. Having a satisfying workday means creating a work-life balance that works for you and your company - allowing yourself to have time for yourself and your social life and still being able to perform to the best of your abilities.

Strategies to incorporate to maintain a good work-life balance:

A productive workday starts the day before.

Take 10 minutes before you stop working to create a preliminary plan for the following day. Do this while the day is still fresh in your mind. Consider those tasks you didn't complete the day before and what is most important to address tomorrow.

Avoid multitasking.

Studies show that you can accomplish more by focusing on a single task rather than switching back and forth between two or more. Use this information to your advantage. You’ll get more done with less stress.

Have a morning routine that gets you primed for work.

This includes things like your wake-up time, morning grooming routine, breakfast and maybe even working out or getting outside. Your morning routine should be your personal time to relax and get the day started. When working from home, having a morning routine is important to get you in the right mood to do your work. Create your routine with an emphasis on getting yourself physically and mentally ready for work.

Hit the ground running.

Rather than easing into your day, get started on the most important items on your list ASAP. Many of us tend to do the easy tasks first but this is just setting you up for stress later in your day. If you get most of your assignments done in the morning you are equipped with enough time for whatever might come up during the day. A good morning sets you up for success rather than stress.

Eliminate distractions.

Most people already know what distracts them when working. Be honest with yourself and make any necessary adjustments. These might include putting your personal phone on airplane mode or having an organized desk. If people are interrupting you, politely ask them what they need and know how to prioritize your time. If you already have too much on your plate, taking over more tasks won´t help you or your colleague.

Get help.

One thing that will allow you to accomplish more is making the most of your resources. If your workload is too much you can ask the people around you for assistance. You are part of a team and getting help to accomplish your goals will benefit everyone in the long run.

Keep meetings to a minimum.

Schedule as few meetings as possible and keep them short. Most meetings are too long and ineffective. No one likes them and they ruin everyone’s momentum. You’ll be a hero if you become known for short and efficient meetings.

Take regular breaks.

No one accomplishes more by working until they collapse. Regular breaks are necessary for your mind and body. Incorporate frequent mini-breaks in your work day that take you away from your desk and get your body moving. Taking 5 minutes for yourself can change your whole attitude towards work and make the day more enjoyable.

You can increase your productivity dramatically by incorporating a few or even all of these habits into your life. Enjoy more productive work days that allow yourself to deliver to the best of your abilities while still maintaining a good work-life balance. For more tips about being more productive while taking care of yourself we invite you to read our articles on the subject and if you have any questions about what we do here at Cápita Works, make sure to contact us. 


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