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We connect remarkable businesses with remarkable people. Scroll down to learn in full detail why Cápita Works may be a great fit for you.

Client Guarantee

The Cápita Works Advantage

Save up to 70% vs the US market
Forget all the hassles related to offshoring
Hire close to you and in your time zone!
A signature recruitment process that has no match
VAs work exclusively for you
Fully bilingual, well-educated employees
We become your staffing partner
We bill you in the US, where we hold US insurance
We reduce and eliminate tax and legal liabilities
VAs can travel to your office in the US
We find great people who are grateful and love working with you
We work with many entrepreneurial organizations, where our CEO is a member himself

[1] VAs that get hired by Capita Works (Mexico) to work for our US clients get access to all their mandatory benefits plus many additional benefits like: private health and life insurance, live and on-demand training, social events, wellness programs, among other perks.
[2] Internal VA Survey 2024.

capita advantajes

Benefits of hiring
a Cápita Works VA

Save Money… A lot of it!
When nearshoring talent, you’ll save up to 70% vs. US-based comparable talent.
Recruit Faster
We find professionals that meet your expectations and share your core values, and we do it fast!
Access a Larger Talent Pool
The US cannot suffice half the number of current job openings. Time to look across the border.
Increase Your Profits
Saving money on payroll will allow you to redirect those resources to other areas, like your pockets!
Build a Remote Team
In a post-COVID era, you need to be an expert at building remote teams, and we will help you do that.
Create a diverse team by hiring multicultural employees to enrich your organizational culture.
Reduce Liabilities
Don’t worry or expose your business to expensive employment claims in the USA.
Focus on Growth
Save money on many back-office roles to invest more in finding new clients and serving them better.
Delegate and Elevate
Focus on what you love the most and are great at. Leave the rest to your team.

Client Referral Program

Refer a friend and when they become a client, you’ll get a $250 credit!

Thanks to you, our new client will get $100 off their first month of service.

Employee Guarantee

The Cápita Works Advantage

VA training program focused on helping you achieve peak efficiency while working remotely.
On-demand technical training in our e-learning platform.
Live soft-skill quarterly training.
Private health, dental, and life insurance policies.
Wellness and social events to engage and enjoy.
Supportive and engaging work environment.
Peace of mind when it comes to salary, benefits, and transparency.
Opportunities to engage in the community through volunteer work and social outings.
capita advantajes

Benefits of becoming
a Cápita Works VA

Gain experience working for an up-and-coming company in the US
We know you're fantastic at what you do, but there’s always room for improvement and new experiences. What better way than doing it with a company in the US that can be the next big thing? We assure you you’ll gain a lot of knowledge and life lessons.
Competitive salaries
There are many other options to work as a virtual assistant out there. However, salaries are highly inconsistent and, well, not very good. Keep your peace of mind when it comes to guaranteeing your financial stability. Become a virtual assistant with Cápita Works!
Amazing corporate benefits
We continuously review our employee’s benefits to create flexible plans that allow you to maximize your benefits based on your individual needs and interests.
Permanent remote work policy
When working with Cápita Works, you are permanently allowed to work the entire time remotely. That could mean from the comfort of your home to your favorite coffee shop or during that incredible road trip you’ve been postponing.
Access to exclusive training and programs
Experts have crafted exclusive training, webinars, and masterclasses to help you skyrocket your potential. Don’t forget about many fantastic events for the VA community.
Supportive community
Working remotely can easily lead you to feel apart from the rest of your fellow VA peers. That's why we’ve worked hard to form a great community where you feel included and supported. Through different activities such as social nights and constant communication in our Slack channel, we can assure you'll feel proud of being part of the Cápita Works family.

VA Referral Program

Refer a friend who you think qualifies as an outstanding VA and if they get hired, you’ll get a $250 cash reward!

Cápita Works vs. Other Companies

Cápita Works
Other companies
No significant time-zone difference
A personalized state-of-the-art recruitment process
No hidden fees
USA insurance included
No cultural gaps, vanishing VAs, or strong accents
Employees can cross the border and meet in person
Great compensation plan for employees
No infrastructure challenges
Client experience specialist assigned to your account
Maximizes your legal and tax protections
Works with you as a partner, not just a vendor
Awesome social impact programs

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