Why the Holiday Season Is the Best Time to Hire New Talent

5 minute read

written by Erika Pichardo-Ley

Dec 28, 2020

You’ve probably heard the rumor that the holiday season is only good for hiring seasonal employees. Well, it’s nothing more than that - a rumor - and quite frankly, a total myth.

The holiday season can actually be the best time to hire new talent.

Especially if you’re considering outsourcing or staff augmentation. Below are just a few reasons why.

1. Get the cream of the crop.

Nothing stops highly motivated people, and those are the ones you want on your team, right? Although the holiday season can be hectic for some, it’s also a time when others take advantage of new job opportunities. The candidates who maintain a job hunt during the busy holiday season cut through the noise and demonstrate dedication and diligence, exactly the type of person you want on your team.

2. Start the new year strong.

If you’ve been waiting to add new people to your team, the new year is a great time to do so. It’s the perfect opportunity to start off strong and train new employees. The truth is, we could all use a little help no matter what time of the year but why not capitalize on those new year’s resolutions?

3. December is a time for reflection.

December is a time for reflection, which makes it the prime time for getting your ducks in a row and planning for the new year. On the same note, people start thinking about life beyond their current role at the company they’re working at, which gives way to fresh, new talent.

4. Talent “migration.”

Although December is generally a busy month, some like to add a move to their plans. We like to call this the “great talent migration” and consider it yet another opportunity to find top-notch candidates. Although most industries now are working remotely, a lot of companies require their personnel to be within a certain mile-radius of the office in case something is needed. When moving to a new city, people are looking for opportunities for growth - seize that opportunity!

5. It takes time to find the right people.

Between bonuses, holiday shopping, and end of year festivities, December can be a very expensive month, but that doesn’t mean January has to be. It’s common for companies to start thinking about growing in late January but why not get a head start on the process in December?

A hiring process can often mean longer nights working, but what if you can have someone do it for you? Using Cápita - a Mexican company that hires virtual assistants in Latin America - to do the work for you and save you money will put you at the top of your game. Find your key players and experience more growth sooner than you expected.

How’s that for debunking the myth? The holidays may in fact be prime time for hiring new talent and if you’re considering delegating more work and saving money, contact us.


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