Building Community With Your Remote Coworkers

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written by Mariana Yepez

May 06, 2022

Working remotely, which turned into a necessity when in the face of COVID19, has now become a preferred working model, but the hybrid model is becoming increasingly popular. 

In either case, remote work presents different characteristics, and therefore, human resource management has had to adapt to more flexible ways. The relationship between coworkers takes on a very important place in creating a sense of community and connecting with the company culture.

Feeling part of a company is key to achieving the goal of having the employees work in an articulated and proactive way. It benefits labor welfare by achieving higher quality results and contributing to the health of the organization in all senses.

That is why it is so important to build a sense of community and carry out the best practices so that this sense of belonging is maintained over time and keeps the vitality of labor relations. Now, here are some tips on how to do it, so you don't lose sight of it.

Hold regular meetings

Daily team meetings at the beginning of the workday to discuss the previous day's achievements and challenges, as well as to align the most important objectives for the day helps the team stay active and aware of others.

Knowing that everyone's work contributes to the overall objectives and being aware of what others are doing creates a sense of belonging to something bigger than oneself. In addition, these meetings allow for better prioritization and organization, something that characterizes high-performing teams.  

Do team-building activities

Yoga and mindfulness practices, workshops, book clubs, game dynamics with rewards, a playful monthly event that matches the company's values, and annual meetings where the whole team can meet are all activities that make a team committed to their workplace, their colleagues, and their goals. 

Encouraging remote workers to participate in these initiatives will let them know that work is more than just sitting in front of a laptop from 8 to 5 every day, writing emails, taking calls, and doing paperwork. Even if there is no physical office, you can take full advantage of the creative tools offered by platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and the countless online whiteboards, free quizzes, interactive games, and videos that can make a virtual team-building meeting much more fun and enjoyable than your colleagues may expect.

Recognize your team.

Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but what’s most important is that you make sure that you highlight when someone shows ownership and adds value to the company’s goals. Make sure you let everyone know that a team member is indeed a team player. Recognition is an undervalued tool that can make your company grow even faster and keep your employees happy, connected, and loyal.

Recognition could go from posts on social media and the channels of internal communication, to gift cards, food delivery, or just a simple "thank you so much for your effort and your willingness to be better every time" in a private text message.

Make sure there’s active communication

No matter which communication channel you use, make sure it is not full of cobwebs. Remember to always say good morning to the whole team and say goodbye at the end of the day. If it's Monday, ask how their weekend was. Use creativity. Make mini polls on funny topics. Ask if they prefer Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. It generates dynamics and encourages expressing different viewpoints. Have them send you a picture of their pets one day and show you their workplace another day. I'm going to repeat myself, but: make sure everyone knows that they work with other real people, with real lives and real opinions.

Make sure everyone knows when each team member's birthday is, congratulate them, and even try to send them a cake! Make employees feel that not only do they belong to the company, but that the company accompanies them and is a constantly present part of their lives.

If possible, organize a face-to-face meeting

We know that sometimes this is not possible if you are located in different parts of the world and belong to different time zones, but if this is not your case, organize at least one face-to-face working day every three months. Communication through messages or video calls is not the same as face-to-face communication. Taking a break together while talking on Slack is not the same as having a coffee together during lunchtime. 

By seeing each other face-to-face, you can learn each other's communication style and become familiar with their way of saying things, which avoids misunderstandings or sensitivities later.

While working remotely has brought many advantages and is incredibly practical, sometimes being alone for too long can be detrimental. Plan a day, meet up, catch up over coffee, and take the opportunity to welcome new hires to make the company a well-oiled machine.

As a final piece of advice, remember the word development. People will feel challenged and able to improve their professional and personal abilities if they have an opportunity for self-development through e-learning platforms, workshops, and other activities. Your most valuable asset is your workforce. Make sure you invest in their professional development, that you treat them with respect, and that they realize they're not just a machine in front of a screen.

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