How a Company From Tijuana Is Empowering San Diego’s Entrepreneurs During the Pandemic

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written by Adrián J. Romero

Dec 05, 2020

The current pandemic has upset the business environment from head to toe, almost irreversibly, modifying behavior and consumption patterns, which has generated fertile ground for certain industries and unimaginable challenges for others, since certainly no one wrote down "Pandemic” when analyzing their business’s risks.

Take for example Gianni Del Vecchio, a young and successful entrepreneur and member of EO (Entrepreneur’s Organization) whose business, Pacific Processing, a regional leader in deploying, managing, and developing software for over 1,000+ ATMs, was initially strongly impacted by having fewer consumers on the streets in need of cash withdrawals during peak COVID-19 closures. However, the administration and need for maintenance work of these ATMs did not decrease despite volume temporarily did.

“Managing thousands of ATMs and clients is a 24/7/365 business. Our challenge was finding a way to continue to afford delivering on our company’s core value (The Pacific Processing 99% Uptime Promise) without sacrificing profitability in the short term” said Gianni, who later engaged with Cápita, a Tijuana-based Virtual Assistance company that provides full-time VAs to U.S. businesses, to quickly hire remote outsourced staff at a fraction of the cost of US-based workers. In less than 21 days, Gianni’s team had transitioned to a team of virtual assistants tasked with maintaining critical information to the operations team to maintain and provide cash access without interruption for all its locations.

Pacific Processing is one of many success stories of San Diego-based businesses leveraging the ability to hire handpicked, pre-filtered, and well-educated virtual assistants with a good attitude while saving anywhere between 60% and 80% on salaries.

For many entrepreneurs, delegating tasks to a team of virtual assistants or using staff augmentation services frees up valuable time, saves money, and gives them a chance to focus on strategic activities.

Although Gianni's story may sound very familiar to you, for a company located in the neighboring city of Tijuana, this was an opportunity to take advantage of the synergy that has historically existed in the mega region known as “Calibaja” to innovatively integrate supply and demand between San Diego’s businesses and the human talent of the border city.

Cápita is the name of the company, and they have made it easy to hire “virtual assistants” just a few miles away. When a company hires the services of Cápita, the latter locates the ideal talent to cover the functions required by the company. Cápita acts as an “employer of record,” also known as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), in Mexico to provide the employee with all the benefits that, by law, correspond to them and work remotely, always with the ease of being minutes away from the border, facilitating in-person meetings between the employer and the VA from time to time.

In the words of its CEO, Adrián J. Romero, also an EO member, “Cápita has been an invaluable resource for hundreds of businesses with whom we work today. Finding 100% bilingual outstanding talent, in most cases with international experience, to fulfill a wide variety of functions, which range from personal assistance, to marketing, customer service, programming, and e-commerce, among others, has generated important savings for the American company”.

Something worth mentioning is that Cápita prioritizes the search for talent in local minorities such as: single mothers, people with a motor disability, and Dreamers, among other groups, and additionally, donates part of its profits to a charity organization called Fundación Esperanza Contigo, which provides education to more than 200 orphans. "This is a clear situation in which all parties involved win, so we are very proud to be able to positively impact the binational business ecosystem while also contributing to the generation of new social opportunities", said the entrepreneur.

If you are interested in the virtual assistance service for your business, please visit or call (858) 280-1748 for more information. If you are interested in the ATM service contact, please visit


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