How to Stand Out in an Online Job Interview

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written by Tomás Vargas

Jan 22, 2022

If you have been asked to do an online interview for a remote position you applied to but don’t have experience in this regard, don’t worry. I am here to help you with these tips to achieve the necessary skills to conduct a strong online interview.

With the arrival of COVID-19, the increase in Home Office work is a reality for many... Companies have realized that they can continue to operate without a traditional office and hire staff remotely in the long term. Stand out in your online interview and become a remote worker by following these interview tips:

1. Before the interview, it is necessary to verify both the equipment that you will use in the interview and the internet connection. Platforms that recruiters commonly use include Zoom, Skype and Webex. The interviewer will indicate which one they will use. Familiarize yourself with any platforms you don't recognize.

2. Be aware that there are platforms that are used directly on the website and others that require downloading an application. If you find out you have to download something, do it in advance and test it to avoid issues on the day of the interview and affect the hiring process.

3. Not being logged in and ready to begin the interview on time does not make for a good first impression and is disrespectful to the interviewing team.

4. It is very important to check both the webcam and the microphone well before the interview to correct any technical issues. This way you will not delay the interviewer trying to adjust it minutes before the interview. Keep in mind that punctuality is very important. Also, do not forget to check the time zone to avoid any delays.

5. Not only is the image quality important, but also the audio and that they can hear you properly. The use of headphones is highly recommended to ensure optimal sound during the interview. Try using discrete headphones and leave your gaming headset for another time.

6. Avoid distractions in general. Remember to talk to your relatives and roommates so that they stay away from the area and do not make unnecessary noise. Don’t forget to turn off or silence your phone.

7. One recommendation is to always test the platform you are going to use in the interview with a family member or friend. This way the person will tell you if you are looking at the camera correctly. If you hear yourself clearly and even how you are situated in front of the camera.

8. Have a backup plan in case you stumble upon technical issues on the day of the interview. You can have another tested device ready by your side, or ask the interviewer in advance for a phone number to call in the event that technology fails you.

9. Dress professionally. The clothing you are going to wear during the interview should represent your image and professional experience as best as possible. Dress as if you were going to an interview in person. Formal attire is recommended. This will help you mentally envision that you are in an in-person interview and not in the comfort of your home.

10. Body language is key in person as it is in a virtual process. Sit up straight, adjust your shoulders and show the recruiter you are confident of yourself and the information you presented while applying for the position.

11. It is important to maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Look directly at the camera and not at the image of the person on the computer screen. A good idea is to place books under the monitor or laptop so that the camera is at the perfect height of your eyes, as if you had the person in front of you.

12. Virtual backgrounds are not the best recommendation when conducting your first job interview. It is better to prepare a place in your home that is appropriate, has very good lighting and is not so close to the camera, preferably a neutral background where the interviewer doesn't get distracted by what's behind you.

13. Investigate the company that showed interest in your profile. It is important to show that you know where you are going to work and what you could contribute if they make you part of their work team.

14. Just as with any other job interview, follow up with a thank-you email to your interviewer. It shows you are considerate and grateful for the opportunity.

With these tips you will feel much more confident when carrying out a virtual interview. Set your worries aside, be yourself, be confident in the words you say. Sit up straight and show them that you can do the job that you aspire to the most. Surely the manager will not hesitate to hire you.

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