Avoid Doing This During Your Next Interview

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written by Mariana Yepez

Jan 07, 2022

If you are actively looking for job opportunities, you are most likely preparing for future interviews. Job interviews tend to generate anxiety, regardless of how many you've had in the past. It’s time to set the catastrophic thoughts aside, so grab a pen and paper and get ready to master your next interview with the following tips.

Interviews are one of the main parts of the selection process, but contrary to what many may think, technical skills and experience are not everything recruiters consider when looking for the perfect candidate. Qualitative evaluations have a crucial weight in the outcome of an interview, most related to soft skills, competencies, values and behavioral components.

One of the key elements when facing a job interview is to have clear, effective, and transparent communication. How you express yourself and communicate the information is important for those of us who are evaluating candidates since it allows a more in-depth knowledge of the person.

Here are some of the most common mistakes made when attending a job interview so that your upcoming interview is outstanding.

Unprofessional body language

Body language is one of the most crucial and telling aspects of an interview. An ungainly posture, hands in pockets, lack of eye contact, nervously moving hands or feet are signs of discomfort, insecurity and shyness.

Rambling while answering questions

Answer the questions concisely and briefly but if you’re going to give a detailed answer, make sure it ties back to or is related to the question asked. Unless you are making a short humorous comment that is related to the conversation, avoid making jokes. Try to show confidence by speaking and responding fluently. You are the one who knows yourself best, show the interviewer the best version of yourself!

Talk a lot about your personal life

Giving details of your personal life or telling unprofessional anecdotes will not help their perception of you. Don't give dichotomous answers either, interviewers want to hear more than yes or no, highlight and deepen your strengths and the characteristics that give value to your profile.

Speaking poorly about previous jobs

There are times when your past experiences have been unpleasant, it happens. You can comment on the reasons as to why you were not compatible with your previous jobs but try not to focus on that. Speaking badly about another company calls into question your loyalty and integrity as a person.

Answer calls or messages during the interview

Your cellphone must be completely silent during a job interview. Answering calls or messages is disrespectful. Try to plan and let your acquaintances know that you will be absent for a moment and if the call is very urgent, consider asking for the interview to be postponed.

Have a noisy and distracting environment

If the interview is virtual, make sure that both your background and sound are neutral and professional. A disorganized, distracting and inconsistent environment not only makes the interviewer lose focus on you and what you have to offer as a candidate but is also disrespectful in a context that is formal by default.

Forgetting the interview or arriving late

There is nothing more out of place than forgetting the interview and showing up late with an excuse or apology. People's time is valuable. The interviewers and the people involved coordinate a specific space in their day to dedicate it fully to you. It is not only a sign of lack of interest but also a lack of consideration.

Now that you’re ready to take on an interview, check out our job openings and apply!  


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