Why You Need a Virtual Assistant in 2022

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written by Carlos Cabrera

Dec 17, 2021

The holidays are just around the corner and with it are infamous resolutions. It is time to ask ourselves how to reinvent our business on New Year's Eve with a 2022 full of challenges ahead of us. We live in a world more virtual than ever but with a strong need for human connection. To tackle this paradox, 2022 will be the year of virtual assistants.

The exponential growth of chatbots that help us provide automated technical support in the customer's language is not new. However, chatbots are often not enough to fulfill the customer's wishes of real connection and personal attention. In an increasingly globalized and open world we can access top talent from other latitudes with an ease never seen before. There has been an exponential increase in virtual assistants at a global level, which allows the creation of multicultural teams to work together remotely with local teams.

But why exactly will hiring a virtual assistant be the best decision you can make in 2022?

Multicultural teams

Developing teams is a complicated task but one of the surest ways to achieve high levels of innovation within the team is to find high-performing talent with different experience. Homogeneous teams limit the possibility of generating new ideas and innovating and managing new processes, while heterogeneous teams achieve a higher level of innovation. This is a result of exchange of ideas, different points of view and experiences the members have had in their previous jobs or, in this case, different ways of working from their home countries.

Large companies and teams that achieve successful projects internationally are usually made up of multicultural teams, which bounce ideas off and achieve products that go beyond the ordinary by being a creation of a mixture between cultures. This is especially relevant in creative positions like graphic designer, marketing or sales.

Bilingual talent

English is becoming increasingly essential in professionals of all generations. As a response to the need for global communication, finding top talent in various disciplines is becoming easier nowadays. The spread of the English language will allow you to recruit virtual assistants from all over the world and build teams made up of international talent that integrates into your company's culture without the need to recruit local talent to serve as a coordinator for international teams.

Talent in your time zone

One of the limitations when working with international teams is the time difference with talent from other countries. Nonetheless, working hours are becoming more and more flexible in today's environment. This flexibility allows virtual assistants to adjust to your schedule and divide their time accordingly no matter where they are. As a result you will be able to maintain a stable level of productivity and enjoy all the benefits of hiring a VA as if they were in your time zone, ideal for administrative or customer service positions.


The labor market and the competitiveness of wages vary from region to region and country to country. If hiring local talent in your country is very expensive due to regulatory or legal implications, then nearshoring the process is a very good option. Cápita Works is a specialist in that. In many cases it will be much more profitable to recruit in other countries, while guaranteeing a competitive salary package within their labor market, achieving the best of both worlds. As a bonus, by outsourcing the process you will only worry about guaranteeing a good work environment and interesting projects for the employee, while the contracting company will take care of all the legal and additional benefits that will help increase employee retention.

2022 is definitely going to be a challenging year where hybrid, face-to-face and remote work will continue to be an essential part of day-to-day activities. Taking advantage of technological advances, remote talent management and guaranteed cultural growth within the team is one of the goals of many entrepreneurs next year. Delegate work and focus on what really matters. 


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