Myths and Facts of Working With a Virtual Assistant

5 minute read

written by Yahely Hernández

Dec 09, 2021

 "The truth is what it is, and it remains true, even if you think of it backwards." The world as we know it is full of contrasts. Reality is not the same for everyone, so it is always important to consider the different points of view based on experience. This holds true when hiring a virtual assistant, which is why there are so many myths out there about working with a VA.

Below are just a few of them.  

People looking for a remote job want freedom; therefore, they only want to work as freelancers and have many jobs at the same time.Not necessarily. Insourcing nearshore talent guarantees that one VA is working for you only, guaranteeing a lower turnover and happier, focused employees.
It’s a risk sharing sensitive information with a VA.There’s some risk when sharing sensitive information with any employee, on-site or remote. However, if you choose the right agency to partner with, they will make sure to strictly filter candidates and hold all VAs to high standards. 
They only do assistant work. No. The question really is, what can't virtual assistants do? VAs are usually specialized professionals who focus on one area. You really can find it all.
A VA won’t improve productivity. Not only will a VA save money but you will be able to focus on key strategy to grow your business by delegating work! It’s truly a win-win.
Virtual Assistants don’t need training.Even though they specialize in certain areas, it’s always to train them on your company’s specific processes, culture, and perhaps software. Train your VA to ensure you get the most out of the relationship.
VAs are a temporary solution. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. VAs are real employees, and you’ll find that they can do anything and everything that your on-site employees can do.

Experience it for yourself and you’ll see truly how much a VA can help in your personal and professional life. Contact us today at (619) 991-9197 if you want to learn more about our services and how we can help. 


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