How to Nail Your Interview for a Virtual Assistant Position

5 minute read

written by Bárbara Blanco

Nov 22, 2021

If you are actively looking at job postings and want to succeed in your next virtual job interview, there are some secrets you must know to make an excellent first impression.

Ready? Let's get started!

  1. Prepare in advance: Ask the recruiter to send you the job description and the name of the company you’re interviewing for so you can do your homework! Show up to the interview ready to ask questions directly related to the role and the company and you’ll make a great first impression.
  2. Be punctual: There's no better way to demonstrate your organizational skills and responsibility than to arrive on time for your job interview. As a recruiter, I recommend that you connect 10 minutes before the interview to test your microphone and video and if possible, use a neutral background.
  3. Review your resumé: Before your interview, make sure to review your resumé. It is crucial to know your entire professional career, so at the time of the interview, nerves don't get the best of you. Remember that you are the only one who knows about your own experience and can give the correct answer to each question.
  4. Be yourself: I know it sounds cliché, but it is the only way to be comfortable in a job interview. Be spontaneous, answer honestly, and empathize with your interviewer or the interview panel.
  5. Ask questions about the position: This shows a serious interest in the opportunity that they are offering you.

Things you should NOT do during your interview:

  • Answer questions with a simple yes or no. Whenever you can, give a short but not poor explanation. Sometimes we get nervous, and what tends to happen is we do not give information that would help us score points in each answer.
  • Be transparent. As I said above, it is essential that you answer honestly and frankly.
  • Do not make derogatory comments about your current boss/bosses or those you have worked with. This says a lot more about yourself than of your previous experiences, it’s a great way to make a terrible impression.
  • Avoid asking questions about the salary or the benefits package at the beginning of the interview. I know it can be tempting to start by asking these questions, however, if you are in the first phase, focus on proving that you are the best fit for the company, and later in the negotiation phase, you will have enough confidence to talk about monetary matters.

Now that you are ready to make an excellent impression, I want to give you some tips to answer some of the difficult questions of the interview/hiring process. I know that this part can be the one that generates the most stress, but don't worry, I'm here to help.

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Interviewer’s thought: Do this person's long-term plans fit with those of the company? In this section, you must discuss achievable, real objectives in line with the company with a goal of continuing growth.
  2. Tell me about a conflict or challenge at your previous job. How did you handle it? Interviewer’s thought: Can you put your personal feelings aside, listen to the opinion of the other, and successfully resolve a conflict? We all know that at some point we have had a little disagreement with our bosses so don't try to deny it.
  3. What would you consider is your biggest weakness? Interviewer’s thought: Will this person be honest enough or disguise a virtue as a weakness? Select a weakness that you are trying to overcome, give real examples of how you are trying to improve that area of opportunity.
  4. Why should I hire you? Interviewer’s thought: What sets you apart from other candidates? Think about your greatest qualities, what makes you want this job above any other, and what the company would gain for having you in it.
  5. Tell me about a project or situation that you have led. Interviewer’s thought: What real situation in the past did you face and what specific activities did you carry out so that it ended successfully? It is important to know what actions you took in the past because they can predict what behaviors you will take in the future. If you only gave orders, it is very likely that in this new company you will act in the same way.

And there you have it; you now have a short guide on how to have a successful interview! If you’re looking for a new opportunity, I encourage you to take a look at our latest job openings.  


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