How We Hire the Ideal VA for You

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written by Carlos Cabrera

Nov 12, 2021

In the competitive labor reality that we currently live in, hiring processes have become increasingly relevant and are key to finding and evaluating the best talent on the market. For this reason, having a successful hiring process at the forefront has become a core need in HR departments.

At Cápita Works, we take care of finding and evaluating the best virtual assistants through multiple phases and tools. Below is a deep dive on what our own process looks like.

  1. Having HR professionals on the team: Our recruitment team is made up of psychologists and specialists in HR, who have the tools and training to carry out the best selection processes, which include technical and soft skills interviews, evaluation of personality traits, the ability to analyze psychological tests, among others. Having professionals is extremely important to guarantee the objectivity of the selection processes, improve decision-making, and ensure the selection of the best virtual assistants.
  2. Use of job descriptions and in-depth interviews: When recruiting, it is extremely important to know in detail what our clients are looking for, since, based on their needs, multiple filters are made that guarantee what candidates will make it to the final round. In-depth interviews are an excellent filter to achieve this task, allowing us to collect all the valuable information for our clients and achieve a better fit between our virtual assistants and the needs of our clients.
  3. Consider the aspirations and motivations of our candidates: An employee who shares values and motivations with the company is key to retaining talent and to the well-being of both the virtual assistant and the client. We make sure to explore motivations with each candidate and determine if they are adjusted to the opportunities that our client can offer, this allows us to locate top talent on teams that will benefit from their presence.
  4. Efficient and effective selection processes: Long and tedious selection processes are a thing of the past. Technology has allowed us to access multiple tools to expedite the process not only for our clients but also for the candidates.
  5. Adapt the processes based on the position: Of course, no two positions are ever the same. Requirements for a graphic designer will differ greatly from an executive assistant. It’s best to prepare ahead and adjust the process based on the job description.
  6. Diversify talent search and sourcing options: There’s candidates everywhere and the internet has allowed us to access a multitude of them through multiple media. LinkedIn is often useful for executive, managerial or professional positions, while platforms such as Facebook or local job boards can offer more talent for operational tasks. Recruitment not only includes a good evaluation process but skills in finding and sourcing the right candidates.
  7. Openness to change: Although we all face greater or less resistance to change, being willing to assume new ways of working and even to innovate within your field of action will allow workloads to be restructured, operational processes to be automated, or processes to be made more efficient. This all could facilitate the achievement of goals and boost productivity. In recruiting, the openness to include new techniques, keep in mind the best practices, and innovate processes is a fundamental part to achieve success in selecting the best talent.

Make sure to hire the perfect VAs for your business needs. Change is a natural part of organizational processes and it is important to be at the forefront in Human Resources in order to be competitive in the market and guarantee the selection of the best talent. With Cápita Works, you will be guaranteed a robust selection process that will offer you the best virtual assistants on the market.  


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