5 Essential Tips for Hiring an Executive Virtual Assistant

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Nov 09, 2021

You’re advancing in your career and beginning to feel overworked. Maybe you’ve gotten to the point where you want to spend more time with your family and friends.

If you relate to this, it’s time to hire an Executive Virtual Assistant.

Hiring a virtual assistant can free up your time and let you focus on the bigger picture, be with your family, and spend time on hobbies. An executive virtual assistant can do time-consuming tasks you don’t enjoy so much, overall giving you more energy throughout your days.

Your executive virtual assistant can also be a second pair of eyes and ears. You will have the benefit of someone working closely with you who can provide a second opinion or insight that you might have missed.

Keep these things in mind when hiring an executive virtual assistant:

1. Write down what you want to delegate.

First, decide what you need help with. Start by paying attention to what you spend time on during the day or week. What are easy, repetitive tasks that you can delegate?

  • Do you need help with administrative tasks such as preparing a meeting agenda, managing your inbox and calendar, or filing documents?
  • Do you need help coordinating travel such as booking flights and hotels, making reservations, or creating itineraries?
  • Will the executive virtual assistant take care of personal tasks such as email and calendar management, managing your personal or work life?
  • Will the executive virtual assistant be empowered to support your business? Examples include creating processes or meeting with clients.

2. Determine your budget for the role.

Next, think about how much you want to allocate to hire an executive virtual assistant.

  • What value will an executive virtual assistant bring to you and your business?

3. Are you hiring a part-time or full-time assistant?

Will you be hiring nearshore or offshore? Decide how much help you need to begin with and whether that help will be in person or it can be done remotely.

  • If an assistant works remotely for you, will they need to be available during specific hours a day so that you can communicate with them?
  • Do you have the budget for an executive virtual assistant to work part-time, full-time?
  • Hiring an assistant to work for you part-time would cost you less than hiring a full-time assistant, both in salary and possible health benefits, however, a full-time assistant will be able to get much more done.
  • Overall, people generally look for full-time employment. It’s possible that hiring a part-time assistant may limit your candidates.
  • Do you want your assistant to be local to you or work remotely? Hiring remotely has endless possibilities of finding the perfect match because it expands the talent pool.

4. Write the job description.

It’s important to think about how an assistant will be spending their time working for you and what qualifications or skills you may require.

  • What experience do you want the executive virtual assistant to have? What traits are you looking for that would make this position successful? Keep in mind that some things (like attention to detail) are hard to train.
  • If the position is part-time, will the candidate be able to grow into a full-time role?
  • What kind of on-the-job training or benefits can you offer?

5. Use the hiring process as an opportunity to learn about the candidates.

Everyone can make a resumé look impressive, but that doesn’t always mean they are the perfect candidate for the job.

  • Include a sample task for the assistant to do so you can see how they work. Think about a task that will require the applicants to demonstrate the traits you’re looking for.
  • Think about a task (or tasks) an assistant would do regularly. Ask them about their process to achieve a certain goal or finish a task.

The best part about hiring an executive virtual assistant is that you can completely tailor the job role to what you need.

When you find and train the right executive virtual assistant, your everyday life can feel easier!

With someone doing tasks that shouldn’t be on your radar at all (like researching flights), you’ll have more time and energy to give to your business, family, or personal growth.

We can find the right VA for you. Contact us at info@capitaworks.com to start your journey with an executive virtual assistant.   


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