Virtual Assistance vs Outsourcing

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written by Barbra Muñoz

Nov 02, 2021

Even though we're tired of hearing and reading that the pandemic changed the way we manage teamwork, this is an undeniable truth. It has been proven that productivity can be achieved by working remotely; from a living room, a coffee shop, or a coworking space. Productivity is no longer limited to a cubicle.

So, if you are reading this, you might be a business owner that wants to grow their business, save time in processes, reduce costs, or simply look for ways to improve. Our solution is Virtual Assistance. Regardless of your field of business, we believe that you can increase productivity by delegating work.

As managing teams is becoming more virtual, this concept is turning from something unknown to something more comfortable. In doing this, it’s necessary to outline the differences between an outsourced professional (a term that has been around for the last 15 years) and a virtual assistant (a newly known term related to remote work).

Understanding this difference is going to help you decide which option fits your needs and budget, allowing you to cost-effectively expand your business, hone your management skills, and focus on your core tasks. The main difference between an outsourced professional and a VA is that the first commonly focuses on specific tasks, the client pays per hour or task. These tasks are often repetitive and specific, covering day-to-day needs, and are typically supervised by an insourced team member. As these are often professionals just executing, you might need to hire several people to complete the work.

On the contrary, a VA is more of an extension of your business. Virtual Assistants are multitasking professionals with high-level experience and education that can boost your company. More than just executing, a VA focuses on achieving specific business goals by overseeing personal assistance, administrative tasks, marketing, editing, customer service, accounting, executive support, etc. Tasks that can be both overwhelming and time-consuming but are very much needed.

That means that if you are looking for a highly productive individual that can cover both repetitive tasks and oversee specific and important aspects of your business, you will benefit from hiring a VA. The number one advantage is that a VA can get the job perfectly done for 50 to 70% less money than an employee in the US. In addition to that, other benefits include eliminating infrastructure needs, reducing liabilities, growing a diversified team, and other indirect benefits.

If by this point you are asking yourself where to find these individuals, you can find them with the help of a Virtual Assistance company such as Cápita Works, where we specialize in finding (and hiring) top-notch professionals right across the border of San Diego to cover your needs.

Lastly, as you may know by now, growth and productivity don’t have to be expensive and impossible to achieve. If you are struggling in finding local talent that fits your needs and budget, please contact us, Cápita Works, and allow us introduce you to a world of resources that are out there ready for you.   


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