Why is a Virtual Assistant Cost-Effective to Any Business?

5 minute read

written by Erika Pichardo-Ley

Oct 22, 2021

As we all know, cost-effectiveness can be used to benchmark results and compare alternative approaches. When you want to grow your business by building a new team or even growing your current team, cost is the first thing that comes to mind. Whether you’re a small business or a well-established company, these are legitimate concerns!

On the other hand, people truly are your most important asset. They are ultimately the face of the organization and crucial to the success or failure of your business. Your employees are the first client of your company: if they are not happy and satisfied, they won’t deliver, and it will be reflected in your profits as a business owner, affecting your company in the long term.

You must be thinking now, but how can I do that if I have a tight budget? The short answer is VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS. Longer answer is below…

Virtual assistants can help create a team that will be cost-effective for any business owner. A virtual or remote worker will not only help you save time and money, but they will work even harder since they don’t need to worry about commuting to an office.

When hiring a virtual assistant, you don’t need to think about the recruitment, the benefits, and the compliance. They come fully equipped and have years of experience up their sleeve. Building a team of virtual assistants is very strategic in working on the people component of your business.

Virtual assistants can take on essentially any role and activity that your company needs, from essential administrative tasks to higher-level activities like web development, plus you can hire them to become part-time or full-time employees on your company.

So, why exactly, are virtual assistants more cost-effective than hiring directly?

Well, if you don’t already have an HR department, hiring more personnel requires you to think about these things, thus inquiring more costs. Not only that but if you’re hiring directly, you need to think about the potential return to the office and working in-person – will your facilities support additional personnel?

When working with virtual assistants, it’s best you work with a nearshore partner, like Cápita Works. This way, your VAs are close enough to eventually meet them in person, in the same time zone, and understand the culture. If you choose the right partner, you will never need to worry about HR, payroll, compliance, or hidden expenses.

Now, although virtual assistants might not be your internal employees, that doesn’t mean their work is less valuable nor that their performance is average or below average. Surveys have shown that VAs tend to work even harder since they don’t need to worry about commuting and they know their job is 100% dependent on the quality of their work. So, it’s safe to say that quality and cost-effectiveness are not mutually exclusive.

Building a team of VAs can truly change the way your business is growing and can continue to grow. These talented professionals can help you save up to 70% in salaries compared to what you would pay in the US. Think outside the box, optimize your costs, and hire a VA.

If you want to learn more about nearshoring or virtual assistance, feel free to reach out to us at info@capitaworks.com.   


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