Virtual Assistants for Real Estate

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written by Daniela Suárez

Oct 08, 2021

We know how rewarding it is to be your own boss and to be a business owner. You probably already know the many challenges you can face as an entrepreneur: client’s demands increase, the market changes, there’s an increase of administrative work, no budget to hire local professionals…but you can’t stay stagnant. You need to change with the market. This is where virtual assistants come into play.

Why hire a real estate Virtual Assistant?

Simply put, a virtual assistant can help your real estate business grow to lengths you never considered. A VA can help you cut costs, delegate work, and keep up with clients’ demands.

However, not everyone is qualified to be a VA in the real estate business. The first thing you should consider is the type of person you want your company to join and the tasks you need them to cover. Whether you need help in the sales department, if it’s help with administrative tasks, marketing functions, or simply someone who can take care of your agenda.

The profile of this VA could be that of a proactive person, with a lot of energy, flexibility to be able to work remotely, excellent communication skills in English, and someone that at the end of the day can be your right hand at the time of any mishap that may arise during the workday.

Tasks a Virtual Assistant in the real estate industry can do for you:

  • Real Estate Marketing (Social media, customer service, etc.)
  • Data entry
  • Research
  • Organization & scheduling (Phone calls, project management, transaction coordination, etc.)
  • Lead follow up

Basically, a VA can do any task you need them to. Do an audit on your daily activities today, make a list of what you can delegate, and start growing!

Hiring a VA is your best option to boost your business and open up your agenda. If you're curious as to how to get started, we've got you covered! Just give us a call at (619) 623-9950 or shoot us an email at 


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