What is the Dynamic of a VA in LATAM?

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written by Daniela Suárez

Sep 13, 2021

For the past couple of years, remote work has been on the rise for several reasons. One worldwide incident that accelerated the way of work was the pandemic.

The surge of adaptation to new working environments urged companies to turn to remote work, but after a while, companies adapted, and they even started hiring talent outside their cities and even country.

A Virtual Assistant (VA) started to be a position of interest but currently, it is one of the most demanded positions in Latin America.

A VA can cover a wide variety of positions and functions, therefore some of the main characteristics that companies look out for when hiring a VA include the following: college degree, previous work experience, ability to communicate in a bilingual manner, and compromise in the administration and deadlines of their remote work.

Whatever the VA's role might be, it's important to develop skills like detail orientation, communication, multitasking, responsibility, and be goal-oriented, since these skills bring value to companies' operations.

Some of the most commonly requested virtual assistant jobs are the following:

  • Executive Assistant
  • Customer Service Assistant
  • Graphic Designer
  • Community Manager (social media)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales Representative
  • Writer

If you're looking to join a team of VAs in Latin America, send us an email at jobs@capitaworks.com


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