How to Achieve Mindfulness While Working From Home

5 minute read

written by Oriana Escalante

Sep 08, 2021

Today, it is very important that all employees of a company remain calm and focused in order to be efficient while working, be it remote or in person.

To release stress and gain focus, meditation is a technique recommended for everyone whose goal is to achieve peace of mind or more specifically, mindfulness.

This practice consists of self-observation, self-care, and tranquility, to end the rush that a person can have on a day-to-day basis. It's about living in the now and concentrating on it, distinguishing between what is happening at that moment and leaving worries behind, thus being a very useful tool to end stress, loss, pain, or illness. It is a way to regain our internal balance and become aware of our reality.

Working from home, at times, can display a lack of concentration and loss of balance between professional life and personal life, for this reason, we find it important and beneficial to know how to practice mindfulness. Here are a few tips to get started:

  1. Find a quiet space without noise.
  2. Sit up straight to avoid muscle aches.
  3. Control your breathing and focus your attention on it.
  4. Observe and feel what is happening in your body and try to relax it.
  5. Analyze the present and do not judge the environment.
  6. Accept new thoughts and emotions.

Mindfulness has numerous benefits for both the worker and the employer since it improves communication between colleagues and therefore teamwork, efficiency, productivity, conflict resolution, and creativity. It is suggested to carry out this practice at least 3 times a day, since it only requires a short amount of time to practice and can provide momentary calmness and tranquility, thus helping work activities flow better.

All in all, this practice keeps people in the present and basking about living in the now, putting aside the worries and stress for a moment - enough to clear our heads and concentrate on current tasks.   


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