5 Reasons to Engage With a Headhunter to Cover That Leadership Position You’re Looking to Hire

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written by Alejandra Serrano

Apr 12, 2021

Headhunting services offer companies the possibility of finding talent that is capable of developing functions, roles or activities, ranging from the most basic and operational profiles to the most specialized with a high level of experience.

Businesses that hire headhunters guarantee the possibility of finding future collaborators through recruitment processes executed by experts who frequently update and develop their network to maintain a competitive understanding of the roles, functions, and profiles. A headhunter becomes a researcher dedicated to understanding the needs of companies in order to connect them with potential candidates.

The headhunting process begins with the exploration phase, which occurs when the company and the headhunter determine the position that they want to cover as well as the requirements. In this phase, it's vital to manage the number of meetings (it will depend on the size of the company), so that the headhunter specifies the requirements of the profile and, in addition, becomes familiar with the culture of the organization.

The next phase consists of the creation of the network and meetings between the candidates and the organization. It's very important to bear in mind that effective searches are achieved to the extent that the phases are managed with depth, precision and flexibility. In other words, finding the ideal talent often depends on going back and forth between the aforementioned phases in order to verify the validity of the agreements and refresh the objectives.

Main benefits:

Receive advice on labor market trends

Headhunters have a lot of knowledge about tools as well as new trends in the labor market that can be useful to companies. This will help organizations design the positions and job descriptions that best suit their needs, while staying current.

Receive advice on decision-making

Headhunters, being external personnel to the organization, provide a new look at the internal processes of the organization. In this way, they also give new ideas, proposals and / or recommendations that could broaden the range of action in certain areas.

Access to a wide network of candidates

Headhunting services give clients the certainty that they'll be able to locate the talent they need in their organization using an active and wide network of contacts. This network is usually covered through search portals and in the connections that each recruitment professional weaves.


Talent searches developed by headhunters guarantee the confidentiality of the process, considering that organizations often execute talent searches as a consequence of strategic decisions that impact the company from different angles. Headhunting services allows them to manage new searches while they execute other internal actions, thus taking care of the impact that the changes generate on their collaborators or leaders.

Cost reduction

A comprehensive recruitment process developed by headhunters increases the probability of hiring the ideal talent, in turn, this decreases the probability of landing an unsuccessful recruitment that would result in reinvesting (often) time, money and other resources in re-locating talents for the same position.

As you can see, headhunting works as a specialized service that responds to the needs of organizations and provides results that go beyond the effective hiring of talent. It allows the organization to connect with a pool of talent and competitive trends in the labor market. Don't stay behind and use headhunting services for that special position you need to get covered. If you have no idea where to start, contact Cápita Works, as they offer great headhunting solutions in México.  


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