Top 10 Virtual Assistant Positions

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written by Andrés Castillo

Mar 11, 2021

November 2019 was the beginning of a global pandemic that would drastically change everyone's lives. Businesses' work dynamics underwent a 180° change as employees exchanged their jobs in large buildings and offices for home offices that allowed them to continue performing their duties remotely.

Similarly, the pandemic resulted in many jobs being in higher demand compared to others. For example, customer service representatives saw an increase in the number of calls received since the beginning of the lockdown. Other positions that began to receive a greater demand were technical support agents.

Having this in mind, in this article you'll find the top 10 most requested positions at Cápita Works.

Cápita Works is the most trusted virtual assistance company in LATAM, so that you can take into consideration what or who can help you keep up with client demands.

Data Entry

Data Entry jobs saw a boom during the months of lockdown as the amount of information that companies needed to process and update increased. This data can give a business valuable insight that can be used for the improvement of existing processes or to make a shift in strategies.

Making the right processing and interpretation can lead to numerous benefits like new clients, an increase in sales and profits, etc. Therefore, having an experienced virtual data entry assistant that can manage all these duties for you will definitely elevate your game.

Administrative Virtual Assistant

For the proper functioning of an organization, it's essential that administrative tasks such as purchasing orders, creating invoices, reports, maintaining communication with customers and suppliers, among others, are kept up to date. Every company requires a professional (or many) that can take care of said tasks to keep everything in place. During the initial months of the pandemic, many companies rushed to hire administrative virtual assistants in Latin America who could perform these functions efficiently for cheaper.

Community Manager

Social media is everything these days, right? As social networks have an important role in everyone's lives now, companies have basically been forced to diversify their communication channels to boost their sales and reach new markets.

However, it's essential to have the right people to do it successfully. A community manager can help you carry out a digital communication strategy in order to acquire new clients, help you respond to questions and feedback from customers, and take action to improve your brand. Don't try to do everything by yourself or pass on this task to someone without experience in the social media world. Instead, delegate the work to a community manager.

Marketing Coordinator

Your company keeps doing marketing and advertising campaigns in the old fashion way with no results? It's time to make a change! Hire an experienced marketing coordinator that can creatively assist you preparing campaigns and presentations, coordinating events, managing budgets and researching the competition. Remember that creating brand awareness is key to your business.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are highly sought after. Companies and entrepreneurs are looking to consolidate their image by having their logo, website, brochures, advertisements and other communication materials designed or redesigned to best reflect the products/services offered. With the help of a company like Cápita Works, you can hire a professional graphic designer in no time to help you reach your goals remotely.

Web Developer

As we’re currently living in a digital era, having a presence on the internet is a must. Having said that, it's important to have a website that is attractive to customers and allows easy navigation. Similarly, a website must combine a series of elements such as colors, design, innovation, among others, which can only be developed by professional web developers. Stop turning your head to India for qualified developers, countries in LATAM such as Mexico and Argentina are an emerging IT hub where you can find the best developers in the world.

Accounting Clerk

Every company needs someone to take care of their finances, right? An accounting clerk can help you with that! Keeping financial records updated, preparing reports, processing accounts payable and receivable, and managing payroll are just some of the tasks an accounting clerk can do for you. Delegate and use your time for strategic duties for your core business.

Customer Service Representative

Many companies hire virtual assistants to fulfill functions pertinent to the position of customer service where their main functions is to offer personalized attention to clients, answer questions, receive feedback, analyze needs and offer services. A customer service representative can help through a couple channels such as phone calls, emails, or online chat. Without a doubt, customer service reps are essentially to a company, as they can deal with difficult or unsatisfied clients.

Interpreter / Transcriptionist

We live in a globalized world, where in the blink of an eye, we can communicate with someone on the other side of the world. However, language can be a barrier sometimes. But don't worry, interpreters and transcriptionists exist. Currently, they're in great demand to take on tasks like translating books, magazines, articles, interviews, etc., with the aim of increasing the sources of information that are available for everyone.


The pandemic has helped us realize that we do not necessarily need to attend a classroom to learn. However, it's relevant to learn and receive support from experienced teachers that are passionate about education. That's why solutions like Capita Works Learn, from Capita Works, aim to find qualified teachers that can offer the little ones tutoring or language lessons.

After checking out the top 10 most requested virtual assistant positions, we can conclude that technology has allowed us to be interconnected regardless of our location and we can perform our jobs remotely.

Businesses can hire virtual assistants to take on multiple tasks without having to attend an office daily and keep efficiency at its best (while saving money). Also, thousands of people around the globe can get a job and assist companies in other locations, which can bring incredible experience and knowledge. It's a win-win situation! Now, this is for both business owners and aspiring virtual assistants… What virtual assistant position do you need at your company? What positions are you qualified for? Don't think about it too much and take action now!

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