Top Tasks to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

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written by Catherine Mendez

Mar 11, 2021

Nowadays, virtual assistant services have grown exponentially, mostly due to the worldwide pandemic and the abrupt switch to working from home. Without a doubt, something that we learned from this is that thanks to advances in technology, a VA can work from anywhere in the world and there's an extensive list of tasks that they can develop to help you take some stuff off your plate.

Companies specialized in remote assistance services, like Cápita Works, find the best VAs that can take on positions and various responsibilities related to industries such as real estate, management, marketing, IT and more.

Virtual Assistants not only focus on administrative duties, but cover a wide range of activities, which we’ll outline throughout this article.

To make it easier, we’ll divide the tasks into roles such as:

  1. General Administrative Work
  2. Audio / Video Editor
  3. Content Writer
  4. SEO / Web Marketer
  5. Graphic / Web Designer
  6. Web Developer

General Administrative Work

General Virtual Assistants are true time savers and, therefore, we like to call them life savers. A VA can help you do anything from email management to entry-level accounting work like billing. Below is a more specific list of what a VA can do for you.

Email & Schedule Management Tasks: Working with a VA to handle email as well as your calendar is essential for any entrepreneur that wishes to have more time on their hands.

  1. Email filtering / Spam management
  2. Database creation / Contacts update or CRM
  3. Sending electronic greeting cards, invitations to events, etc.
  4. Calendar management and appointment scheduling
  5. Travel planning and organization

File Storage & Organization Tasks: Organization and productivity are a must when managing a company. Having a VA that can help implement processes to help the business be more organized will definitely elevate your game.

  1. Dropbox / Google Drive organization
  2. Data entry in Word, or Google Docs
  3. Creating / Managing spreadsheets
  4. Preparing Powerpoint / Keynote presentations
  5. PDF conversion, splitting and merging

Administrative & Blogging Tasks: There is much more your VA can do when it comes to additional administrative tasks, and in general helping you with project management and marketing.

  1. Report creation
  2. Online research
  3. Blog publishing management
  4. Basic accounting work
  5. Project management & training tasks
  6. Preparation of training materials
  7. Social media management tasks

Audio / Video Editor

The use of virtual staff in audio and video production is very common in marketing agencies, but you can definitely benefit from it no matter the industry you’re in.

Content Writer

A content writer will go a long way if your brand is linked to marketing or if you are involved in creating and promoting growth sites, to save time on creating everything, get a VA that can do it for you.

  1. Content / Blog post creation
  2. SEO writing
  3. Press release writing
  4. Newsletter writing
  5. Copywriting
  6. Article marketing

SEO Specialist

Having a solid VA in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) / Web Marketing will allow content to be positioned and marketed in a way that attracts consistent traffic in the long run.

  1. Site analysis
  2. Keyword research for blog content
  3. Competitor analysis
  4. Landing page set-up / Creation
  5. Webmaster submission
  6. Sitemap submissions
  7. Off-page optimization for a post / page
  8. Social bookmarking (Digg, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Digg, Delicious)
  9. Create a social bookmarking tracking sheet
  10. Blog comments: off-page optimization
  11. Participation / moderation in forums
  12. Backlink creation / link building
  13. Weekly / Monthly Google Analytics & Traffic Reports

Graphic Designer

Hire those who really know what they are doing (in terms of graphic design and web design). Not only will it make your marketing materials look better aesthetically, but you can also work together to create a marketing plan for your next big hit. Among the tasks within this role are:

  1. Designing logos, banners, icons, eBook covers and headers
  2. Infographic image design (content provided)
  3. Designing websites, mockup creation
  4. Designing landing / Sales / Opt-In pages
  5. Basic video editing (Splicing intros & outros with raw footage)

Web Developer

Creating your page through purchased platforms or free platforms is not the same as getting a super-qualified web developer to take care of the coding and customization of your website:

  1. WordPress website development and support (PHP)
  2. CRM Integration & Social Media Integration
  3. Install and Support an Email Ticketing System
  4. Full-stack, front-end, and back-end development

As you can see, the list of tasks that a virtual assistant can do for you is quite diverse and a VA can be a perfect match for any company in any industry that’s looking to optimize costs and delegate work.

Working with a virtual assistant will definitely elevate your game as virtualizing your operations will give you a competitive advantage. Versatility, efficiency, productivity, and cost optimization are just some of the things you'll gain from delegating tasks to a virtual assistant.

If you’re interested in delegating tasks to a VA, visit to learn more!


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