Cápita, the Most Important Virtual Assistant Agency in Mexico, Keeps Expanding With Its Latest Sponsorship of Entrepreneurs’ Organization Seattle

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written by Martha Medina

Feb 11, 2021

Cápita, the most reputable source for virtual assistants in LATAM, is taking over the West Coast with its recent sponsorship of Entrepreneurs’ Organization Seattle.

This deal was sealed after numerous successful sponsorships in other chapters across California and hundreds of happy clients that integrated A-class virtual assistants to their teams.

“As an EO member, I’m looking forward to strengthening our relationship with the EO community not only on the West Coast, but throughout the United States” said CEO and Founder Adrián J. Romero. “With the sponsorship of the Seattle chapter, Cápita keeps proving that our solutions are top-quality, as we've been in high demand and our growth has been impressive”.

Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a global network with more than 14,000+ influential business owners across 61 countries. As for the Seattle chapter, it was founded in 1993 and currently has 167 members from industries such as accounting, consulting services, manufacturing, telecommunication services, IT services, wholesale and more.

As for Cápita, they focus on helping entrepreneurs increase efficiency and save money by accessing highly qualified talent across Latin America. Initially, the remote assistance company had a target to collaborate with business owners in California, however, the success was resounding and word quickly spread across the West Coast. “Our growth has been immense, our results have been incredible, and we’re excited to continue expanding.

This sponsorship will open a door for entrepreneurs in Seattle that they might not have known they needed opened” said Head of Client Relations, Erika Pichardo-Ley. Cápita has also stepped up and recently announced their newest division, Cápita Learn, which is intended to offer remote learning solutions to a wider range of consumers.


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