3 Red Flags to Watch Out For in Job Interviews

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written by Cápita Works

Aug 10, 2022

When you land an interview for your dream job, it’s natural to get a rush of excitement and confidence. After all, you know you’d be perfect for the role and can’t wait to prove it.  

However — as much as you might want it to be — this isn’t simply a formality. Your potential new boss will likely want to see if you measure up in their eyes before agreeing to hire you.

In other words, the interview is your first real test of how well-suited you are for this specific job and company — not just any job in general. That said, certain red flags could indicate working at this company wouldn’t be in your best interest.   

Lack of transparency

If you ask your potential new boss a question and get a vague, unspecific, or even a “Sorry, we can’t reveal that information” in return, alarm bells should go off in your head. Withholding information could indicate a severe lack of transparency in the company, which could signify future problems.  

A company’s legal obligations — like financial records and other sensitive information — will remain private. But much information about the company you’d typically want to know about can and should be disclosed.

You want to know about salary and compensation, benefits, work hours and expectations, company culture, and more. A potential employer that fails to be as transparent as possible on these topics isn’t worth your time.

Inadequate compensation 

 If your potential new boss tries to low-ball you on compensation, that’s a sign that they are not only stingy but also desperate to fill the position at any cost. Low-balling payment could indicate that they have other problems in the organization that they should address — and that they may not have the financial means to pay you what you deserve.

 You’re worth whatever you think you’re worth — and if they can’t meet your expectations or you can’t find a way to meet theirs, it’s best to move on. Rather than trying to low-ball you, a more reputable company would find a way to meet (or even exceed) your expectations.

Conflicting values or mission

If the company’s stated mission or values seem off or don’t match up with your own, that’s a big red flag. You want to work for a company that offers a good salary and one that you also believe in.  

It should be a company you want to support with your hard-earned money and time. You want to make a difference in the world, and a company should have goals that align with your personal values.

For example, suppose a company’s stated mission is “to provide the best service to our customers,” and you feel that they’re mistreating you or other employees. In that case, you may have a severe misalignment of values.

Bottom Line

The interview process should be a two-way street — just as you’re trying to impress your potential new bosses, they’re doing the same and taking mental notes on you as a candidate.   

So while it may be tempting to “hold back” or try to play it safe, it’s essential to be yourself and display all the qualities that would make you a great team member. If you do that, there’s no reason to worry about the interview. And if you can avoid the red flags listed above, you should be well on your way to sealing the deal and getting hired!

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