Cápita, the Most Trusted Virtual Assistance Company in Mexico, Announces Sponsorship of 6º Networking

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written by Martha Medina

Jan 15, 2021

Cápita, the most reputable virtual assistant company in Mexico, just became a 6º Networking Sponsor.

With this collaboration, Cápita will continue its mission of helping entrepreneurs in the USA to delegate administrative work to top-notch virtual assistants from the most important talent hubs in LATAM.

“Cápita has been working closely with the entrepreneurial sector in San Diego by providing highly-competitive talent at incredibly attractive prices” said CEO and Founder Adrián J. Romero. “Now, we are associating with 6º, a leading networking organization of professional service providers in the region, with the purpose of collaborating with this select group of professionals who can undoubtedly benefit from our cross-border talent”.

6º is a networking group that believes that being professionally connected is a lifelong passion. Their mission is to connect the community in valuable, long-lasting business relationships by hosting hundreds of meetings and events.

As for Cápita, they specialize in providing solutions such as virtual assistance, employee outsourcing, employer of record, staff augmentation and nearshore staffing. The company has quickly positioned itself in the market thanks to its efficient processes that are characterized by great customer service, multiple candidate screenings to find the best fit and constant support, and training for all their virtual assistants. Companies from industries such as real estate, marketing, financial services, healthcare, IT, and more, have benefited enormously by saving between 60% and 80% in salaries. “We’re looking forward to bringing our expertise to 6º and helping more entrepreneurs as we go” said Head of Client Relations, Erika Pichardo-Ley.

As 2021 is here, companies will face an increased workload, making it the best time to hire a team of virtual assistants that can manage the demands of a new year. Don’t miss this chance and contact Cápita to figure out what works best for you!

Learn more about Cápita by visiting their website: capitaworks.com Learn more about 6º Networking by visiting their website: 6degreesnetworking.com


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