The Dos and Don'ts of Having a Virtual Assistant

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Sep 07, 2022

Are you thinking about hiring a virtual assistant (VA)? If so, you're not alone. Many small business owners and entrepreneurs are turning to VAs to help them with various tasks, from social media marketing to customer service. Before hiring a VA, you should know a few things.

This article will give you an overview of the dos and don'ts of hiring a VA.

We'll also provide tips on finding a suitable VA for your business and setting up a successful working relationship.   

The Dos of Hiring a Virtual Assistant 

There are many advantages to hiring a VA, including cost savings and increased productivity. But first, let's look at some top reasons to hire a VA. 

  • Virtual assistants can help you save time - When you have a VA, you won't have to spend as much time on administrative tasks and can spend more time on what's most important - running your business. 
  • Virtual assistants can help you save money - Although hiring a VA will cost, it is often less than what you'd pay for an in-house employee. At Cápita Works, you can hire a nearshore virtual assistant and save up to 75% on salaries compared to the US.  

Besides, you don't have to pay benefits, vacation time, or other costs associated with hiring a full-time employee; a PEO can take care of that.

  • Virtual assistants can help you gain skills - Many VAs are skilled in social media marketing, writing, editing, and more. Having a VA can help you provide new skills that can help you grow your business.   
  • Virtual assistants can free up your time to focus on what's most important - As we mentioned above, hiring a VA can free up your time to focus on what's most important - running your business. 

Keep these Dos in mind:

  • Do your research before hiring a VA. Make sure you understand the types of VAs and what they're capable of doing. You can also check out our guide per industry to see which tasks you can delegate to a VA.   
  • Do communicate well with your VA. Effective communication is vital for having a good workflow. Check out this article if you'd like to know more about improving communication with your VA.  
  • Be patient with your VA as they learn and grow in your business. Here, onboarding plays an important role. It's essential to think of your VA as an extension of your business, which is why you should also provide onboarding.  
  • Do give feedback to help your VA grow while in your business. If you need things done in a particular way, let them know. It'll improve results and be an aid in having clear communication.  

The Don'ts of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Now, let's look at some don'ts of hiring a VA.  

  • Don't hire a VA without proper research - Make sure you understand what types of VAs are out there and the potential drawbacks—understand the differences between hiring freelancers or outsourcing and the benefits of hiring through a PEO.  
  • Don't hire a VA solely for cost savings - You want to make sure you choose a VA who will perform well for your business. Cost should not be your only consideration when hiring a VA. Hiring the cheapest labor will probably mean they work for multiple clients. 
  • Don't hire a VA who is not a good fit for your business - You want to hire a VA who is a good fit for your business. Be clear with the roles and tasks you need to be covered. 
  • Don't outsource. Outsourcing often leads to the "vanishing VA" effect, where a VA works with multiple clients and ends up cutting off communication with you. 

While outsourcing to countries such as the Philippines or India may be common, there are drawbacks. Such as a different time zone, language difficulties, and them working for multiple clients without you knowing, and they get no legal benefits which put you at risk for legal non-compliance.

When hiring through Cápita Works, you get a virtual assistant that works exclusively for your company and has full benefits. You also eliminate the tax and legal liabilities of direct hiring, and you get a personalized recruitment process to find your next superstar, all for a fraction of the cost! Read more about our services.

How to Set Up a Successful Working Relationship With Your Virtual Assistant 

Once you've hired a virtual assistant, keep these tips in mind for a successful working relationship. 

  • Set up clear expectations. Before hiring a VA, ensure clear expectations for what tasks they'll be performing -this will help set you up for success. 
  • Be kind and respectful. No matter how well you set up expectations, there will be times when things aren't going as well. Be kind and respectful to help ease those times. 
  • Be patient. Things will not always go smoothly, and that's okay. Be patient with your VA as they learn and grow in your business. 

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Virtual Assistant

Now that you've hired a VA and set them up for success, here are a few tips for getting the most out of your VA.

  • Communicate with your VA regularly – Don't wait until something goes wrong to talk to your VA. Instead, keep regular communication with your VA so that both of you know what's going on.  
  • Give your VA room to grow – You're taking on a new employee when you hire your VA. With that in mind, you should let your VA grow with the business and learn new skills over time.  

The Bottom Line

Hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to save time and money while increasing productivity. The key to success is finding the right person and establishing a successful working relationship. Once you've done that, you'll be able to enjoy the many benefits that come with hiring a virtual assistant.  

If you are interested in our virtual assistance services, read more about our offer. For more information, you can contact us


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