At Cápita Works, we're all about opportunity, and impacting the communities surrounding us is part of our purpose advantage as an organization.

Our impact on the professional world

Every person deserves an equal opportunity to grow and succeed in their career path; that’s why we embarked on the mission to help people meet their goals by finding a job where they feel valued.

We believe in the talent we recruit in Mexico and LATAM. Connecting people with global opportunities empowers them by opening their horizons to new cities and cultures, nurturing their personal development, and, ultimately, the growth of your business.

But it doesn’t stop here. As our world becomes increasingly competitive, finding opportunities that can lead to a better life has become more challenging, especially for those at a financial disadvantage. While we know we cannot fix this problem entirely, we try to help in multiple ways.

Providing children with a brighter future!

We care deeply about childhood. Due to his own personal story, our CEO empathizes and connects with orphans and wants to support them so they can have a better future. In 2016 he founded Fundación Esperanza Contigo, A.C. (FEC), which today provides telemedicine, education, and entrepreneurship lessons to orphans around Mexico.

As proud sponsors of FEC, we are committed to helping orphans by improving their present and empowering their future through education.

As a client of Cápita Works, you already have an impact on these kids, and you will have the opportunity to participate even further if you wish to.

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Creating opportunities for minority groups

At Cápita Works, our goal is to make an impact in our community and leave a long-lasting effect, which is why we strive to provide Equal Employment Opportunities to minority groups such as:

• Single mothers
• Dreamers
• People with disabilities
• Professionals over the age of 45
• And any other people at a disadvantage

Supporting and empowering women

Through our High-Performance Executive Assistants program, we find single mothers who need to work from home and enroll them into our signature curriculum to acquire all the skills that our clients need from a top-performing assistant.

If applicants support their case correctly, they receive a 100% scholarship and will be placed within 90 days in a job that provides a competitive compensation plan and benefits to take care of their family.

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We are taking care of our planet!

Our team is very conscious of our planet and promotes practices that reduce our carbon footprint and the use of natural resources.

However, this is not enough for us. One of our core values is “We’ve got your back,” and we mean it. Through our partnership with Evertreen , Cápita Works has committed to planting 1,000 trees per year while fighting poverty. This number will increase by one thousand every year until we reach our goal of planting 10,000 trees each year.













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