Social Impact

At Cápita Works, we're all about opportunity, and impacting the communities that surround us is part of our purpose advantage as an organization.

Our impact in the professional world

Every person deserves equal opportunity to grow and succeed in their career path, that’s why we embarked on the mission to help people meet their goals by finding a job where they feel valued.

We believe in the talent we recruit in Mexico. Connecting people with global opportunities empowers them by opening their horizons to new cities and cultures, nurturing their personal growth and, ultimately, the growth of your business.

But it doesn’t stop here. As our world becomes more and more competitive, finding opportunities that can lead to a better life has become harder, especially for those who are at a financial disadvantage. While we know that we cannot fix this problem entirely, we do try to help in different ways.

Fundación Esperanza Contigo

Believing in giving everyone equal opportunities means we also care about the children in Mexico. As proud sponsors of Fundación Esperanza Contigo, A.C. we are committed to helping orphans from Tijuana by improving their present and empowering their future through education.

Learn more about how Fundación Esperanza Contigo, A.C. helps children from Mexico

Cápita Works and minority groups

At Cápita Works, our goal is to make an impact in our community and leave a long-lasting effect, which is why we strive to provide Equal Employment Opportunities to minority groups such as:

• Single mothers
• Dreamers
• People with disabilities
• Professionals over the age of 45
• And any other people at a disadvantage


Our mission to create equal opportunities pushes us to provide the necessary tools to empower said minorities. Cápita Learn Center is a philanthropic program through which we provide English lessons to abandoned children in Mexico. We do this by matching the same number of private Spanish lessons our experienced native Spanish-speaking teachers provide to our clients in the USA.

Stay tuned as we develop Cápita Learn’s own website.

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