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We connect remarkable businesses with remarkable people. Scroll down to learn in full detail why Cápita Works may be a great fit for you.

Client Guarantee

The Cápita Works Advantage

Save up to 75% compared to the US market.
Avoid all the issues and hassles related to offshoring.
Same time zone!
Personalized recruitment process
VAs work exclusively for your company
Fully bilingual, well-educated employees
VAs get full benefits and much more[1]
Deal with our US entity that provides US insurance
You eliminate the tax and legal liabilities of hiring direct
VAs can travel to your office in the US (all have a US VISA)
Our attrition rate is 2%, and our VA happiness KPI is at 97.5%[2]
We work exclusively with EO-YPO-YEC-BNI members, where our CEO is a member himself.

[1] VAs that get hired by Capita Works (Mexico) to work for our US clients get access to all their mandatory benefits plus many additional benefits like: private health and life insurance, live and on-demand training, social events, wellness programs, among other perks.
[2] Internal VA Survey 2021.

capita advantajes

Benefits of hiring
a Cápita Works VA

Contributes to your company’s virtual operations
All businesses, especially the most agile and resilient ones, are proactively seeking to fully virtualize their operations. Starting out by opening up this opportunity to members from other places doesn't sound so crazy now.
Helps you keep up with client pricing demands
Customers demand competitive prices while the government exerts pressure by raising the minimum wage. One way to counteract this is by saving on talent so that you can meet the demands of both parties and not die trying.
Increases profitability
It sounds obvious, but by reducing the cost of payroll, renting office space and all the expenses associated with it, profitability will increase and so does your team's payroll performance when you don't have to physically work in the same location every day.
Allows you to focus resources on key players
The competitive advantage of your company probably lies in the skills, talent and/or experience of your leadership team so saving a few dollars through hiring virtual assistance for certain basic tasks will allow you to provide better benefits to the people who are the true pillar of your company.
Diversifies your team
In a world where we have a moral obligation to foster diversity in our workspaces, giving opportunities to people from other parts of the world and with backgrounds very different from ours is a great way to support. For this reason, at Cápita Works we have developed a social responsibility program that prioritizes the hiring of talent among minorities in our communities in Mexico and Latin America.
Reduces liabilities and employee demands
When your team grows, so do the occupational risks and the probability of being the subject of a labor lawsuit. Reduce these costs and the risks associated with them by hiring a company that will be responsible for all the legal and tax commitments of the staff who work for you.
Delegate and elevate
The most common complaint of any entrepreneur is that they do not have enough time to set aside the operational tasks of their business. The only way to grow is by delegating and elevating. By hiring virtual assistants, you can focus on strategic activities that will make you better in business and allow you to live a better life. Try it!

Client Referral Program

Refer a friend and when they become a client, you’ll get a $250 credit!

Thanks to you, our new client will get $100 off their first month of service.

Employee Guarantee

The Cápita Works Advantage

VA training program focused on helping you achieve peak efficiency while working remotely.
On-demand training in our e-learning platform.
Live quarterly training.
Supportive and engaging work environment.
Peace of mind when it comes to salary, benefits and transparency.
Opportunities to engage in the community through volunteer work and social outings.
Private health, dental and life insurance.
Access to Trendycard™, our very own Corporate Discounts program.
capita advantajes

Benefits of becoming
a Cápita Works VA

Gain experience working for an up-and-coming company in the US
We know you're awesome at what you do, but there’s always room for improvement and new experiences. What better way than doing it with a company in the US that can be the next big thing? We can assure you’ll gain a lot of knowledge and even life lessons.
Competitive salaries
There's many other options to work as a virtual assistant out there, however, salaries are extremely inconsistent and well, not very good. Keep your peace of mind when it comes to guaranteeing your financial stability. Become a virtual assistant with Cápita Works!
Amazing corporate benefits
Cápita Works is the only virtual assistance company that offers an exclusive benefits program, Trendycard. This program will give you access to tons of discounts in the trendiest businesses in Mexico.
Work from the comfort of home
During these unprecedented times, working at an office can be very risky and commuting has always been a hassle. It's time for us to make use of the great technological advances and work from home just like you would in the office.
Access to exclusive training and webinars
Experts have crafted exclusive trainings, webinars and masterclasses that will help you skyrocket your potential.
Supportive community
Working remotely can easily lead you to feel apart from the rest of your fellow VA peers. That's why we’ve worked hard to form a great community in which you feel included and supported. Through different activities such as social nights and constant communication in our Slack channel, we can assure you'll feel proud of being part of the Cápita Works family.

VA Referral Program

Refer a friend who you think qualifies as an outstanding VA and if they get hired, you’ll get a $250 cash reward!

Cápita Works vs. Other Companies

Cápita Works
Other companies
No significant time-zone difference
Multiple screenings during recruitment process
No hidden fees
Professional, GL, EPLI, Cyber and Crime Insurance in the USA included
VAs are able to cross the border and meet f2f
Striving to provide opportunities to minorities
VAs receive intensive on-demand and live training
Exclusive benefits program for VAs
VAs get private medical, dental and life insurance
VAs are hired specifically to match your needs and requirements

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