Best Recommendations to Manage a Virtual Assistant

5 minute read

written by Cynthia Escalante

Mar 25, 2021

If you're already immersed in the world of remote assistants or you're interested in knowing more about the subject before hiring a few, you're in the perfect place.

Here are our top 10 recommendations to manage a virtual assistant and avoid failing in the process.

When you do outsourcing and hire a VA, you're open to new possibilities, workwise, and making your pocket feel good too...however, there are some things you should always keep in mind…check them out!

Educate them about your company

While companies like Cápita Works take care of onboarding your virtual assistants, they don't know everything about your business operations, and that's where you come to the rescue. Don’t fear letting your VA know (almost) everything about your business, like values, goals, processes, teammates, and everything you think is necessary for them to know. Your VA is waiting to learn, take instructions, and lead. Make them feel engaged!

Train your VA!

A very common mistake is to think that a Marketer, a Sales Representative or a Graphic Designer will know exactly what to do the minute they are hired, but no! Every company is different and has different tasks. Training is part of the process because although they might know certain things they have to do, they're just starting. To get the best experience and achieve all your objectives with your VA, you need to let them know what you expect, your goals, set some KPIs, and have a solid onboarding in place.

They’re humans, just like you and me

It’s very easy to forget that behind the screen there is another human working just like you and me, and they have feelings and needs too. That being said, it’s important to make the effort and maintain good communication with your VA to review, clarify doubts, and set objectives. Listen to them and make them feel valued. If you show authentic interest, you both will work better together. Also, feel free to meet them face to face. Right now that might not be an option due to COVID-19 but as soon as you get the chance, visit your VA.

Relieve some stress

Being responsible for managing a group of people, either remotely or face to face, can be hard. But don't worry, companies like Cápita Works make this process easier for you. If you're ready to step into the outsourcing world, make sure that you have a team that supports you with the hiring process, payments, and contracts. Avoid common errors and leave them in the hands of specialists. It’s important that you relieve some stress wherever you can.

Learning is a highway

There are things that you know today that you probably didn't know the day before yesterday, or a year ago, or in high school. Stay open to learn the best way to manage a virtual assistant from experts and even from your VA. The learning never stops for you, nor your VA. Take the time to discover what your Virtual Assistant is best at so you can delegate even more efficiently.

Documentation is key

To avoid any problems or misunderstandings in real life and business, being efficient is your best tool. Feel comfortable documenting the daily activities. Nowadays, especially due to the pandemic, there are several useful tools to work remotely and document processes. If your VA is in a pinch, they’ll be able to check out the processes and avoid any confusion!

Before you delegate, learn it

It can be tempting to delegate and do outsourcing in activities that aren’t your forte. However, how will you manage a remote team on something you don’t have basic knowledge about? Take the time to learn about the position you are about to hire so you can be clear on what to ask and expect.

Now that you read about our top recommendations to manage a VA, it's time to delegate and elevate! Focus on things that need more of your time and stop worrying about things with solutions that you can definitely find at Cápita Works.  


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